USB Flash Drive Valletta

The Biggest is not always the Best

  • Unique Flash Drive: Only 2 cm long, 1.6 cm wide and 0.55 cm thick
  • This super small flash drive comes with the same power as all the bigger models
  • This is the perfect choice for mailings when every gram matters
  • Did you know that we can upload your presentation, video and pictures FREE of carge

Product code:

20 x 15 x 6 mm.

Black (PMS: Black C), White (PMS: White)

Polybag, Small Gift Box, Plastic Gift Box, Metal Gift Box, Gift Box, Pouch (velvet), Mini Gift Box, Small Giftbox with lanyard, White box

Pad Print

Print dimension:
Front: 8x8 mm.

Keychain, Keyring, Lanyard

  • Plug & play
  • Powered by USB, no external power needed
  • Supports boot-up by USB-HDD or USB-ZIP mode
  • Shake protection, electromagnetic wave protection
  • Available in version 2.0
  • Compatible between different operating systems
  • Application software support in Windows OS security function
  • Application software to resize partitions available


20 x 15 x 8 mm

Small Gift Box

125 x 45 x 25 mm

Plastic Gift Box

95 x 45 x 23 mm
Inlay customized from 500 for non standard products.

Metal Gift Box

115 x 85 x 25 mm

Gift Box

75 x 25 x 10 mm

Pouch (velvet)

90 x 50 x 4 mm
Velvet Pouch

Mini Gift Box

100 x 26 x 11 mm

Small Giftbox with lanyard

125 x 45 x 23 mm

White box

90 x 20 x 30 mm

USB Flash Drives